Aaron Bieber

I first got into the hobby of photography in the early ‘00s, taking my Canon EOS-10D to local reservoirs, parks, abandoned buildings, and into Hartford, the capital of Connecticut, where I grew up.

While I still look fondly on some of the images I made in those days, my style has changed and evolved dramatically, now focusing more on urban subjects, architecture, abstraction, textures, shapes, and geometry.


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Chris Blake

I am a fine art travel photographer living in the Boston area. I have worked exclusively with digital cameras for the past six years, focusing on traditional fine art landscapes, HDR (high dynamic range), and night photography. With ten years of experience in information technology, I have developed techniques and processes to streamline the digital workflow and continually leverage my knowledge to get the most out of my photographs.

In addition to my extensive IT background I spent two years working in a small photo studio, focusing on studio and wedding photography. I have experience in studio lighting, posing and wedding photography. I have moved away from studio and wedding photography, though on occasion I will photograph a wedding.

I’m currently the publisher and owner of the website curiouslens.com, where I sell and license my fine art photographs. I’ve spent the last years working on creating the collection of images you see today. I continue to travel and run photography workshops around the US.


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